Apple battles Woolworths over new logo


When Woolworths, one of Australia's largest retailers, created an apple-shaped logo in 2008, the move largely went unnoticed. But a few months later, when the company sought a blanket trademark that would allow it to put its new icon on an array of products, a more famous Apple cried foul. Apple Inc (AAPL), the iconic American computer firm, is currently fighting Woolworths rebranding in Australian court, claiming that the retailer may use its new logo to cut in on the computer company's market share.

This isn't the first time that Apple has gone into battle over copyright infringement. Its most famous fight has been with Apple Corps Ltd., the company in charge of the Beatles' music library; their repeated skirmishes are often cited as the reason that the Beatles' songs have yet to appear on iTunes. Beyond its battle with the Beatles, however, Apple's opponents have included Cisco, New York City, a Canadian business school, and Carl Sagan.