AOL GameShow, Episode #5: The Bachelor(ette)


The most handsome man in gaming, Playfish's Sebastien de Halleux, joins the cast to talk about games and love, Facebook and... rainbow poo.

This week we were extremely lucky to snag co-founder and chief operating officer of Playfish (makers of hit social games Pet Society and Restaurant City, among others), Sebastien de Halleux. If you've listened to any of our recent podcasts, you'd know how much of a crush we've had on him -- this is the guy who, with a charming Belgium accent mind you, said that "Games are Love," back at this year's Casual Connect conference.

We (barely) managed to keep our composure long enough to ask him about life at Playfish, how they come up with stuff like Rainbow Poo and developing on the Facebook platform. We also get him to clarify what he meant by "Games are Love," and even get him to spill some exclusive tips and hints for Pet Society and Restaurant City.

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