Recession Got You Renting a Home?

The cat's outta the bag: owning a home isn't always sunshine and freshly-baked cookies.

Foreclosures continue to rise across the country in what experts are calling a housing crisis. Unfortunately, despite help from the $8,000 tax credit to entice new buyers, the U.S. market continues to suffer.
(Here are 10 cities projected to face the next real estate bust.)

If the recession has you back in a rental, don't despair. There are distinct advantages and perks than come with living in most rental homes.
Do You Like It?

Rental homes offer a great opportunity to "try before you buy." Discover the realities of living in a particular neighborhood or if you can live with a particular trade-off (e.g. one bathroom versus two).

No Property Taxes
As a renter you'll probably pay for all associated taxes prorated through your rent payments. However, you won't have to cough up a full tax payment all at once.

No Homeowners or Condo Association Fees
Most homeowners associations require that the owner, not rental tenant, pay.

Reduced Maintenance Responsibilities and Costs
Depending on your situation you may find that your home rental includes services such as landscaping or repair. This can save significant cash.

Easily Move On
No need to prepare to stage, prep, and work to sell a home if you want to leave. Simply give your landlord notice and move on!

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