Swimming with Sharks, part 2: Why you need 'Shark Tank' to get rich quick


Can't get enough of ABC's new series Shark Tank? Then dive deeper.

WalletPop's Editor-at-Large, Jason Cochran, dared to risk life and limb to hang with the Sharks. Instead of seeking an audience with the self-made multimillionaires to beg them for money, as budding businessmen do every Tuesday night on the TV show, he went into the room to grill them just for our popular AfterShark series (click here for lots of video interviews with the people on it). They jawed for so long, and he got so much good stuff out of them, that we had to break the conversation into four parts -- to keep you on the hook, so to speak.

This is the second segment of his audience with the Sharks, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington. This time, they explain why nowadays, you can't count on your banker or even your own wits. They explain why they think you need them, and their grueling on-camera board room, to help you make money.

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