'Round the Web Reviews: Kitchen Brigade, Flora's Fruit Farm and More


In this weeks review round-up, get a closer look at time management games Kitchen Brigade, Flora's Fruit Farm and room escape game, Escape the Meeting Room.

Kitchen Brigade


Kitchen Brigade takes TV reality shows like Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, and turns it into a classic time-management game. Over the course of 66 days, your goal is to open a series of restaurants and make sure they run smoothly -- managing a kitchen full of chefs, serving entrees and adding upgrades, like grills, ovens and mixers. Can't take the heat? You might find yourself kicked out of the kitchen.

[via Gamezebo] At first glace, Kitchen Brigade looks like another standard time-management title...However, soon into the game, there's much more to do. Not only do you have helpers, but you yourself are also part of the kitchen action! ... This extra element of self-management on top of the standard time-management really adds to the frenetic pace of Kitchen Brigade.

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Escape from the Meeting Room


It's a common nightmare for most nine-to-fivers: spending an entire day holed up in a boring meeting room watching a PowerPoint slide show filled with unintelligible pie charts and graphs. This game gives you the chance to break free -- that is if you can find the items you need to escape.

[via Jay is Games] Rather than building a car out of a cell phone or repairing a toy airplane you are simply manipulating a few random objects to make them more efficient. Most of the "use of found objects" is very intuitive and easy to grasp. The code puzzles, on the other hand, are very easy. Almost too easy, in fact. Experienced gamers should blow through this one quickly.

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Flora's Fruit Farm


Farm-themed games have started to take over the world -- the game world at least. Now add Flora's Fruit Farm to the explosive rural genre. In this time management game, grow fruit trees and them harvest them and sell them to earn a certain amount of cash in a limited amount of time.

[via Gamezebo] If you don't mind a few foibles, Flora's Fruit Farm is an interesting take on time management that manages to avoid having a "been there, done that" feel. With more than a dozen in-game achievements to earn, 15 different butterflies to collect, and a Challenge mode to unlock, there are plenty of extras, too.

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