Take it Outside

As autumn 2009 starts to set in, you should definitely try to squeeze in an outdoor party - or two - before the weather turns. Annexing any outdoor space available to you is a perfect way to expand your entertaining area, while at the same time cutting down on cleanup time (no next-day vacuuming!) and taking advantage of the best ambiance around - nature.

First up: location, location, location. Don't box yourself in by looking only right outside your doorstep - there might be a perfect party space lurking somewhere else around your home. Does your building have a shared yard-type space? Is there an area by your apartment pool available for tenant-sponsored private parties? Heck, is there even a low-traffic walkway? Get creative, even if you have to go a little guerrilla.

Now, decor. Since you're working with a (hopefully nice-looking) outdoor space, you can probably get away with fewer frills than an indoor space might require. Define the space with a few strands of outdoor string lights if an electrical outlet is handy, or consider whipping up one of those ubiqutious homemade garlands that are draped all over the blogosphere these days. Set up some sturdy folding furniture draped with no-fuss unhemmed fabric, or simply scatter some blankets and cushions for a more bohemian vibe.

Rely on portable picnic-type foods to keep things simple, mix up a batch of a summery signature cocktail, pack up some biodegradable serving supplies, and head outside! It'll be fall before you know it.

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