Kill Obama Facebook poll was just 'a mistake'; teen pollster won't be charged


It was all "a mistake."

An American teen has learned the lesson of a lifetime after being identified by the Secret Service as the instigator of a nasty incident that provoked a heated national debate about free speech, race and technology -- all against the backdrop of a possible threat against the president of the United States. If it wasn't so serious a matter, one might have sympathy for the teen, who posted the poll on Facebook asking whether President Barack Obama should be assassinated. I think it's fair to assume that he, or she, is grounded.

Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said Thursday that agents have interviewed the teen and his parents and determined the youth poses no threat to the President. The Secret Service would not disclose any other details about the minor. Donovan said the Secret Service investigation had determined the teen had "no intent" to make a direct threat on Obama.