Information overload: Google's Wave technology panned by top bloggers


Way too much information in one place.

That's the verdict on Google's (GOOG) new Wave real-time collaboration technology that was unveiled to 100,000 lucky invitees over the past week. While many bloggers posted rapturous reviews, the consensus among a handful of early adopters and super technorati was that Wave took all the complications and distractions of multitasking on the Web -- and made them far more complicated and far harder to handle. In a nutshell, Wave sets a new standard for ADD-inducing information overload.

What was the original intent of Wave? Wave would meld email, IM, Twitter, commenting, document editing and eventually voice into a single in-box interface. Emails would merge with IM threads and document changes, all morphing and shifting in real time. All the comments and information entered into a conversation thread by various participants would be visible as it changed. Sound complicated to you? Some of the most Internet-savvy folks on Earth seem to feel that way as well.