Domo leaves Target, gets new job at 7-Eleven


What's cute, furry, hungry and about to lure your kids into 7-Eleven stores? Domo, the Japanese stop-action character with the huge open-mouthed look, is the centerpiece of a new marketing campaign for the stores and its Slurpee drinks.

The goal? To attract the character's fans, who tend to be between 16 to 24 years old, with collectible Slurpee cups and straws, Evan Brody, marketing manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp beverages, tells WalletPop. And for slightly older Domo fans, say those in their early- to mid-20s, the store will offer a special promotion on coffee: 99 cents for the coffee and a paper cup decorated with Domo's mug.

The promotion marks a new direction for the stores, which typically tags its campaigns to big tent-pole movies such as this summer's "Transformer" film, Brody says. "This is unique because it's not a massive Hollywood guy," Brody points out. "It's underground and you have to be in the know."