DailyFinance Sweepstakes: Edna from Rhode Island wins iPod Touch!

We're celebrating the conclusion of our first DailyFinance Sweepstakes and we're pleased to announce, we have a winner. On its way to Edna Gazaille is an 8GB iPod Touch (worth $199).

It's always nice to give a prize to someone who -- we found out after the announcement -- enjoys giving back to society. Every year on Christmas Eve, Edna, who works in a small machine shop, crochets a dozen baby afghans and delivers them to a local hospital. She is also the mother of two grown children. With the kids now on their own, she lives in Woonsocket, RI with her husband and her three "boys" -- two adult cats and a four-month-old Boston Terrier.
For DailyFinance, the sweepstakes was a big success. We asked our readers to leave a comment about what they hoped would be the next big breakthrough product. We received nearly 3,100 comments ranging from highly plausible creations, such as an iPhone that lets you start up the engine of your car remotely, to more futuristic ideas. Among the more out-there suggestions was the development of implantable chips that would allow you to use your thoughts to gain full internet access and power the features of electronic devices.

Stay tuned: We plan to hold more sweepstakes. If you've got an idea for more DailyFinance Sweepstakes, we'd love to hear about it. Just leave a comment to this post.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations again to Edna!
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