Get Your Level Up in Cafe World


In Zynga's newest Facebook creation, Cafe World, cooking is everything. As the manager and chef of your own cafe, you have to make sure that you have enough food to feed your hungry customers, balance your stove space for food that takes longer to cook and make sure the place stays clean. With food prep times running from five minutes to two days, managing your time is essential to ensuring new plates for customers to discover, which ultimately pushes your Buzz rating north.

Sure, making lots of burgers can add more Cafe Points (CP), which are used to increase your levels. While the Cafe World cookbook doesn't list it, simpler food adds less Points whereas longer prep food adds loads of CP. For example: Prep for Bacon Cheeseburger = 3 CP, Homestyle Pot Roast = 60 CP so while the burger cooks faster, you gain less points for it but you have to wait two days for the roast to cook.

Also, here's a tip: If you cook a plate and place it on your counter to serve, you can cook the same food again without taking additional counter space. So if you already have 10 Bacon Cheeseburgers on the counter, adding a new plate with 13 will just add them together.

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