Send cash on Facebook with Facecard

A new Facebook app from, a prepaid credit card company that caters mainly to parents of teens, could put the hurt on PayPal and on Facebook's million dollar virtual gift industry! The app, called Facecard, will let you transfer money to other Facebook users just like you could with PayPal; but it's built right into your social network , making it more attractive than a trip to PayPal.

In addition to sending $10 to Jim to cover lunch, the Facecard app could change the way you congratulate friends on social networks. Before the Facecard app, if you wanted to make use of the handy Birthday and Anniversary reminders that Facebook provides, you could either send flowers from the 1-800-FLOWERS store in Facebook or spend a dollar or two to send them a picture of something they like.

With Facecard, you can send them enough cash to grab a real coffee or brewski to celebrate a special occasion. As an added bonus, on top of sending cash for an actual coffee, the Facecard app will include an icon that looks just like a Facebook gift.

That's not all you can do with Facecard. You can also use it to crowdsource your next big purchase. Thanks to the "Wishlist" feature you can let your Facebook Friends know what you're saving up for and they can all chip in. Assuming all of your friends have a Facecard account it's a simple way to pull off group gifting.

To use the Facecard App you'll have to sign up for a free Facecard account and you'll have to pay to load money onto your prepaid credit card. Fees to load your Facecard start at 99 cents for $10-$20 and go up to 2.5% of the load amount for transactions over $600.

Facecard won't replace your credit card when it comes to big purchases, but it could quickly become the standard way to send money to friends and celebrate life's little milestones on Facebook.

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