Playdom Pre-Paid Cards Charging to Retail


Looking for a gift card for your favorite Sorority Life, Mobsters 2 or Bloodlines player? Well, Playdom has confirmed to Inside Social Games that it will soon release Playdom Game Cards at two price points $10 and $15. While the concept isn't a new one, many massively multiplayer games already sell such cards for teens that don't have credit cards, adults who don't like online credit card transactions and for those who just want to give a gift, this would be the first time that one of the big social games would offer a similar payment method.

InComm, the company that already makes such cards available for World of Warcraft, Gaia Online, Neopets, Xbox Live and other online games, will handle the creation and distribution to such places as Target and Walgreens later this month. Inside Social Games also reports that Playdom's biggest rival, Zynga, may also announce a game card deal with InComm soon.

[Inside Social Games]

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