iPhone Users Spend $350 Million on Games?

With 65% of the apps on Apple's App Store being games, it's no wonder why game creators want to know more about the buying patterns of iPhone owners. During the New York Games Conference, Michael Klotz, senior manager of the NPD Group (a well-established firm that analyzes sales data) says that an average iPhone user spends $7 on games. But that number isn't all that good as only 28% of the 16,000 games on the App Store are paid games. NPD didn't indicate whether that meant that owners are buying seven $0.99 games, several $2.99 games or games that cost $5.99.

If that average is correct, with 50 million iPhones sold (as reported by Apple in September 2009) that could earn Apple and developers nearly $350 million dollars. While that amount is far lower than the $11.7 billion earned by the makers of video game for consoles, it's a healthy start for a new and rapidly growing group of gamers.

[Business Insider]
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