Free Mrs. Fields' cookies today

In honor of National Cookie Month, which is celebrated every October, Mrs. Fields stores around the country will give away a free chocolate chip cookie to customers between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

So if you're like me, you'll be pulling your kids out of school today, and taking a long break from work so you can head to your nearest mall... well, maybe that isn't very practical.

So, yes, the giveaway is kind of a bummer for most children who will be attending school and not in the position to take advantage of this, and it's not so great for a lot of cookie-loving people at their day jobs, but, hey, if you have little preschoolers or happen to be near a mall during your lunch break -- Mrs. Fields always seems to be located in a shopping mall -- you may want to remember this and go get your free cookie.

You also might want to call ahead. The press release says that "participating Mrs. Fields stores will give away a free chocolate chip cookie to each customer. So there is a chance that the store near you won't be participating.

And if your local Mrs Fields isn't part of the promotion? Not to worry. Great American Cookies is giving away cookies as well, if you sign up for its free email fan club, at For your effort, you will receive a coupon in the mail that you can take to any Great American Cookie Co. bakery and redeem for your free cookie. If you're already a signed up fan, you'll be getting your coupon sometime around Oct. 1.
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