FarmVille Corrals 50 Million Facebook Users in September

To say that Facebook is attracting game fans in droves would be a gross understatement. Zynga's farm game, FarmVille, tops out at 50 million users, gathering an impressive 18 million users in the past month. Un-believable. Zynga's Mafia Wars also continues to attract new players as does Playfish's Restaurant City.

The biggest loser this month is MindJolt games, a collection of various Flash-based puzzle games, which dropped almost a million active users in September. Looks like people are passing on playing Tetris rip-offs and focusing on living out their rural fantasies in games like FarmVille and Farmtown. We certainly are!

September's Biggest Gainers

FarmVille (Zynga)
Mafia Wars (Zynga)
YoVille (YoVille)
Country Story (Country Story)
Pet Society (Playfish)

September's Biggest Losers
MindJolt Games (Mindjolt)
Who Has the Biggest Brain (Playfish)
Uno (Gamehouse)

[via Inside Social Games]
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