Diner Dash Spin-Off, Avenue Flo, Arrives October 13


Flo, the sneaker-wearing waitress from the popular Diner Dash games, steps out of the diner and into a full-fledged adventure in Avenue Flo, where she takes on a series of missions to save a lavish wedding in DinerTown.

The adventure game includes 20 missions total, including beading a wedding dress and locating double-egg yolks for the wedding cake. Other familiar characters, such as Grandma Florence and Quinn the Wedding Planner, will make appearances in the game and, for the very first time, Flo will have a speaking part.

Avenue Flo arrives on October 13 and will be available for download (for both Mac and PC) on Playfirst.com and on other select outlets on November 13.

Playfirst created a music video (watch it below) to promote the game. After the jump, another video series shows Flo in action in the new game. While it's a bold move to veer away from time-management games, we're certain Flo-devotees will still be eager to check our her next career move.

[via Gamezebo]