Customize Your Home Accessories

While the idea of customized-just-for-me home accessories has its appeal, I have to admit that it's mostly the awesome web interfaces that get the geek in me all fired up. As a web professional, I know that my habit is wrecking site metrics and increasing online cart abandonment, but I just can't stop playing around when a site rolls out a cool tool that lets me customize my own goods. Even if I'm never going to buy them!
An old favorite is, purveyors of eye-poppingly cool wall decals (since way back before wall decals were hot). While the less imaginative (or less geeky) can peruse galleries of stock decals and photos of other people's inspired ideas, the site also offers a whiz-bang cool interface where you can design a room and then try different decals on the walls of your virtual space.

And my new favorite, Design Your Own by Jonathan Adler, offers up something I'd never dreamed of in all my online doodling: customized rugs! The gorgeous, high-quality wool rugs come at a price, but you could be the first kid on your block to have a monogram woven into their carpeting. And even if the high-end pillows (like the one above) and tote bags are also out of your range, it's just as much fun to browser-window shop. Trust me.
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