30-Rock Your Party

It's that wonderful time of year again - shorter days, crisper nights, and the return of fall television! Yes, after a long, dry summer of boring reruns and bizarre filler programming, our favorite shows are back with new episodes. Take a cue from the boob tube to plan a sweet theme party.

Top Chef
Pick an ingredient and have each guest bring a dish featuring it. Randomly assign different courses (appetizer, main course, dessert, cocktail, whatever) to ensure variety and to increase the difficulty. Keep it easy with components like pineapple, balsamic, and peanut butter, or up the ante with zingers like garlic (dessert course, anyone?), espresso, and vanilla beans.
Extra credit: announce to your guests that your evening is sponsored by [insert completely random product name here] and work that item into conversation whenever possible.

30 Rock
Possibly the greatest show on television. Make snarky Liz Lemon proud with a buffet consisting of Muffin Tops, Off-Brand Cheese Curls (bonus points for creating a "Sabor de Soledad: The Taste of Loneliness" label), Mystic Pizzas, Teamster Sandwiches and a selection of wines with homemade labels identifying them as Mind Grape Juice.
Extra credit: wear a flair-embellshed navy blazer and spout down-home non sequiturs during conversations with your guests. "Pregnant cornbread?!!"

True Blood

Lay out a spread of good ol' southern classics like Sookie's dearly departed grandma might have made: fried chicken, cheese grits, cornbread, sticky pecan pie, and the list goes on. One devoted fan has rounded up seemingly every food dish ever mentioned in the series: take your pick! Set out a self-serve bloody mary bar stocked with all the trimmings, and let your guests (both vampire and human) satisfy their cravings.
Extra credit: dress your pet in little dog or cat clothes and explain to guests that he's just experienced a shape-shift.

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