Zynga Boasts 129 Million Monthly Players

Zynga Tops 129 Million Monthly PlayersTalk about success story. Zynga, the makers of Mafia Wars, YoVille, FarmVille and others such addictive social games announced that it is now reaching 129 million monthly players. As reported by Developer Analytics, the company had only 30 million monthly active players in July 2009. With the announcement Zynga now has 34 million DAILY players. That's right, it has more players in a single day than it did for the entire month of July.

So how does that break down with the company's top four games?

FarmVille - 50 million players
Mafia Wars – 25+ million monthly players
Zynga Poker – 250,000 "concurrent players" (no listing of monthly players)
YoVille – 17 million active monthly players

That means that the remaining 14 games pull in a guesstimated 36 million monthly users. Will the tend continue? With a new Moscow pack for Mafia Wars in September and the growing number of FarmVille neighbor requests that show up in our mailbox, Zynga could top 130 million monthly by dinnertime.

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