Get Virtual Cash in Social Games Just By Filling Out Surveys

Like you, you're probably bombarded by survey calls just before 9pm. While you might ignore them usually, what if you were able to earn virtual cash for spending just a few minutes of your time responding to a brief survey? Well Offerpal, a virtual currency company that has deals with iWON,WeeWorld, Aeria Games and other game makers, just announced a new deal that will do just that. Depending on the game you play, you could earn virtual cash or exclusive items to improve your game.

Offered by the professional surveyors at Nielsen NetRatings, Comscore, OTX Research and Synovate, users will get a new survey offer each day in categories spanning Mobile, Subscriptions, Personal Finance, Downloads, Small Business, Gaming, Dating, Auto and more.

Of course, when your game's makers choose to add the option to your gaming activities is "to be announced" but for those who want to earn more in-game items, we're happy to share our opinions. Now if only the phone survey people could offer that.
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