Kick a Billion Creepy Apartment Guests to the Curb

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that anti-bacterial product sales are up 17% according to Chicago-based research firm Information Resources. No small wonder since we're entering flu season and scare about swine flu continues. If you stop and think about the possible germ-covered surfaces in your apartment - ick!

Germs the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that can cause disease- - cling to your doorknob and common surfaces throughout your apartment. Here are some tips to boot the billion or so unwanted guests out the door.
Did the landlord do a deep cleaning before you moved in? Freshly painted walls are one thing. To really reduce nasty germs everything should be scrubbed down the moment you arrive. Bleach is great for peace of mind.

Germaphobes need little prompting when it comes to cleaning. But what about the average person? To really keep the creepy crawlies away, you'll need to ensure you keep your apartment tidy. If you live like a rock-n-roll roadie and take pride in your "hot mess" of an apartment... be warned.

Pests of all kinds follow the grime. Cockroaches love food crumbs and bedbugs like to feed on you. Don't try to starve them out, either. Both are reportedly capable of living weeks and even months without food. Avoiding exposure is the best approach.

Pet dander and litter box leftovers can also contribute to a host of germ-filled surfaces. Keep these areas under control with regular maintenance. Clean any pet messes promptly.

The good, old-fashioned approach to washing your hands when you come in from the outside is also a good habit to start.

Not so worried because you can't see germs? Not so fast. What you can't see in your apartment can actually kill you.

via The Wall Street Journal
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