Zuma's Revenge Adventure: Ball-Busting at Half the Price


Several weeks ago, PopCap games released Zuma's Revenge for the PC, the long awaited sequel to the ball-busting game Zuma for $20 (along with a free demo). Any recessionary wallet-watchers who hesitated at shelling out an Andrew Jackson for the full game, will now be able to buy a pared-down version of the game, Zuma's Revenge -- Adventure, for $10. This cheaper alternative will give players full access to the single-player Adventure mode only, reserving any additional challenge modes for the premium version of the game.

We asked if this $10 breakout had anything to do with flagging sales, and a PopCap rep replied by saying, "Not at all ... We did this in an effort to ensure that gamers on a budget could get their hands on a sizable portion of Zuma's Revenge at a cost comparable to many other casual games that sell for $8-12.