Rent This... Err, Lego House?

A two-story house constructed of 3.3 million plastic Legos was demolished Wednesday. Perhaps the practical lack of insulation or running water kept it from the rental market?

The 20-foot-high home was built in Surrey, England, on land belonging to a vineyard. According to the SF Gate, it featured a kitchen, with Lego appliances such as a toaster and bread bin, a bathroom and bedroom complete with bed and slippers. There was a lovely "stained glass" (read Lego) window. Pets included! There was even a resident cat - made out of Legos, of course.

The house was built by Englishman James May with the help of over 1,000 volunteers. May, who seemingly lives up to the "quacky Englishman" stereotype, is better know to Americans for his presenter role on BBC America's Top Gear. According to Geeky-Gadgets he's the one who is always the butt of lead anchor Jeremy Clarkson's jokes.
At least the Lego bricks will be donated to charity!

via SF Gate, Geeky-Gadgets
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