OK, I knew Ticketmaster prices were excessive, but...


That buying tickets through Ticketmaster is expensive isn't news, but having just had a Ticketmaster experience that surprised me, I thought I'd share.

Over the weekend, I took my daughters, 5 and 7, to see Disney On Ice. I had been contemplating taking them for about a month, but every time I went to Ticketmaster, and looked at the prices, I just chickened out.

I had considered buying some of the best seats in the house -- at $36 each. But with Ticketmaster's $4.95 "convenience charge," that added nearly $20 to the bill. Later, my wife decided she didn't want to go, which meant we were going to save money, but still, the idea of spending an extra $4.95 per ticket didn't sit well with me. Especially since that doesn't count the $3.35 order processing fee they were asking me to cough up.