Make an App, Make Some Money with AppBank


Curious about how users create all those new polls, quizzes and other apps on places like Facebook? Well, there's a growing number of tools that let those without computer science degrees create their own and AppBank's looking to stand out from the crowd by offering app creators a percentage of the money it makes from ads that are shown with your app.

To make it easy, AppBank already has several templates for such popular apps like quizzes, polls, trivia contests and gifts; you just need to customize them based on your creative vision. You don't need to know a programming language, pay a fee to host your app or download any software that might interrupt your daily computer tasks. It actually works right in Facebook.

Once your app is done, you will have to sign up to get your new app approved before you start making money but the AppBank site already shows that one user has made $1,238 with lower amounts for other users. Still, for a few minutes of your time, a few extra dollars a month might we worth it.

[via Inside Social Games]