iPhone/iPod Touch App GPS Assassin Lets You Pull Off Local Hits

GPS Assassins for iPhone
GPS Assassins for iPhone

GPS may be a useful technology for getting from point A to point B but where's the fun in that? While several iPhone/iPod Touch apps have tried to capitalize on using the location technology to find friends, the closest Starbucks on friends at a local watering hole, none of it has really been fun. Now there's fun, GPS Assassins, a free app on Apple's App Store lets players play a digital version of the college/university game of the same name where each player is assigned a target that they have to "hit." The app is also available for Android or Blackberry devices as well.

Played without real guns or munitions, it's the type of social activity that does take place in Mafia Wars, where you can request for a hit or fight anonymous players for points or money. GPS Assassins lets players scan for fellow players (short and long range) and you choose the types of attacks that you want to use to "hit" them. Of course, those attacks can range from Broken Bottle, Mullet and Robotic Kitty for short range attacks to BB Guns, Nagging Wife and Dirty Water Balloon for long range attacks. Each weapon, often created by users (hence the crazy weapons), has limited uses. Once depleted, players use in-game cash earned through hits, to acquire more weapons, armor or other enhancement items.

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