Farmville Baby Elephant Available for Only 48 Hours - Will We Be Harvesting Ivory?


Zynga's bringing the circus to town, or rather, to Farmville. Starting last night, a new Baby Elephant gift (sells for 125 coins) was made available for players of the popular Facebook game for a limited time only (the gift will expire around 2AM EST on Thursday morning).

We've already received a couple of baby elephants from our friends and made them a nice home next to some trees (poor things look a little out of place among our menagerie of farm animals). Its harvest time is 4 days, which means at this point, it's anyone's guess as to what we'll be 'harvesting' from it (cows produce milk, chickens produce eggs, etc).

Unfortunately, the only harvest-ready resource that comes to mind for baby elephants is, well, ivory from its tusks. We're hoping this isn't the case, considering there's really no humane way to harvest ivory, and we doubt Zynga would risk stirring up controversy with the likes of PETA over such an adorable farm pet.

Our fingers are crossed - what do you think we'll be able to reap from the baby elephant?