Downloadable Games for $2.99? Big Fish Games' Daily Deals Push Casual Games Pricing

Want to pay less for the games you play? Publishers may just start dropping game prices to compete for your attention.

Pricing for casual games over the years has largely stayed between $5.99 and $19.99, depending on the novelty of the game and the availability of the game on subscription/token-based sites such as GameHouse and Big Fish.

The latter of those sites, however, has been testing out a new Daily Deal promotion where a selected game is available at $2.99 for 24 hours. The deals are visible only to users who have installed the Big Fish Games Toolbar (which displays a search bar and navigation to their new releases, top games, etc), although that hasn't stopped blog A Game For Everyone from posting each day's coupon for non-toolbar users.

New Daily Deals have been posted every day since late July of this year, including on Saturday and Sunday. Originally the promotion was scheduled to run through the end of August, but as that date has come and gone, it's possible we'll see these offers discontinued any day now.

That said, we wonder if Big Fish is taking a cue from the popularity of cheap games on the iPhone/iPod Touch, the bulk of which are available for free or $0.99. Will we start to see other casual game vendors try out cheaper pricing models to compete with price expectations being set by Apple's device?

As games on other platforms like the iPhone get cheaper, do you expect to pay less for similar-featured games on your computer?
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