David and Goliath go digital: YouTube gives public a way to fight corporations


Until recently, large corporations had enormous advantages over consumers when it came to disputes over lousy service. If consumers weren't happy with something, they were free to get lost in customer-service hell. Or they could take the company to court, where deep-pocketed corporations simply waited for consumers to use up all their cash on lawyers and give up. But not anymore.

Thanks to Google's (GOOG) YouTube, consumers who can get their anti-corporate tirade videos to go viral can level the playing field with those corporate behemoths. The latest of these is a video by Ann Minch, a Bank of America (BAC) customer enraged that her credit card borrowing rate spiked from 12.99 percent to 30 percent. After her blood curdling tirade -- entitled Debtor's Revolt Begins Now! -- which Fortune reports has been streamed 350,000 times, the bank lowered her rate back to 12.99 percent.