Starbucks Instant, See Ya Coffeemaker


Today Starbucks launched its Via instant coffee, which they claim has the body and flavor of its regular Joe. Instant is definitely a different animal from fresh-brewed, but who knows, maybe an instant-coffee trend will follow. After all, Starbucks is the company that introduced high-end coffee to the world, so why shouldn't it - now that we're in a recession - turn around and offer the low-rent version? Well played, Starbucks.

How does it taste? See what our friends at WalletPop thought.

So the big question is, now that you may be able to get halfway-decent instant coffee, will you ditch that bulky coffeemaker? Maybe these instant packs and a luxury, fresh cup every now and then are all an apartment dweller needs. What say you?


Check out these recipes using Via like coffee frosting and caramel macchiato custard.