A good deed is returned by Disney: free admission just for being nice


There has been some grousing recently about Disney World's decision to quietly adulterate its all-beef hot dogs with cheaper chicken meat, but the company is still capable of great feats of magnanimity.

Disney will give a free day of admission in 2010 to 1 million people who complete a day of volunteer service. As with its free birthday promotion, which is in effect this year, people must register with the parks' Web site before embarking on their day of service, which must be handled and certified by the widely operating HandsOn Network.

HandsOn, which has 70,000 affiliates nationwide, hooks average people up with non-skilled positions at food banks, senior centers, Habitat for Humanity builds, and other one-day projects. After completion, it's a free ticket for you. And hopefully, you'll want to keep volunteering even when there isn't a carrot being dangled in front of you.

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