Top Five Ways to Improve Your Mafia in Mafia Wars

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Mafia in Mafia WarsAfter playing Mafia Wars for a few weeks, we've found that learning how to play Zynga's popular game is best done by playing it. Yet, the lack of a true manual on how to play often adds a level of confusion as players waste time trying to find out how to play the game better. One of those confusing areas is managing one's mafia. Comprised of your social networking buddies, you're in charge of supplying weapons, armor and vehicles for them so that you can make a stronger mafia, which is measured by your Mafia Attack Strength and your Mafia Defense Strength. The higher your numbers, the more likely you'll win loot, money and experience. As long as you start with these simple mafia strengthening tips.

1. Add Powerful Friends to Your Mafia

As with any game on a social network (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.), you're bound to have friends that are already playing. With higher attack scores, increased stamina and more health, your seasoned pro friends can help you advance a bit faster and help in the later levels to take down bosses. Be sure to add these pros to your top mafia to help further enhance your thug adventures.

2. Reinvest in Weapons

Once you've established a few properties and earned some loot, you're going to start to notice that other players will fight against you. While it's a necessary part of the game when you're out of points to perform jobs, losing money to someone at a much higher level is no fun. To build up your offensive and defensive strategies, we recommend that you buy enough weapons to arm as many of your mafia as you can. Later, as you gain larger sums of money, add bigger guns to the mix and watch as you survive more attacks and plunder at a faster rate.

3. Remember that Vehicles Count

Many early players may not think about it but vehicles offer a huge jump in both your scores. Sadly, they're also the most expensive. But, like weapons, they offer a big jump in your scores so invest wisely. Aim to get at least one vehicle for each member of your mafia. One of the first tips you hear in Mafia Wars is to keep your mafia small at first until you can properly equip them., here's one of the many reasons why.

4. Send Energy Packs

Energy packs are one of the best ways to increase one's levels. But for new players, having to wait for their energy to fill up can seem like an eternity. But when you have the chance to help out your up and coming thugs, sending them energy packs is always appreciated and will ultimately create a butt-kicking mafia.

5. Armor All

These pricey pieces of armor offer small numbers that do eventually add up as your mafia grows. Like our advice for weapons, this is also an area where you should reinvest often. Sadly, there's no benefit for having more armor than mafia.

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