Some Brits taking problem of early Christmas shopping too seriously


Many of us complain about merchants that stretch the Christmas sales season forward into October or even earlier, but how many of us do anything about it?

How many of us believe the problem is dire enough to warrant more than a jibe? According to, A group in the U.K., the Movement for the Containment of Christmas, certainly does, and has demonstrated the ferocity of its conviction with an act of terrorism.

OK, as terrorism goes, its action would barely rate a color on the alert scale. The group attacked a charity storefront run by a mental health charity. When the store, called Mind, put Christmas cards on display in August the terrorists glued the door of the shop closed.

OMG -- not the glue card! I suppose now we can expect another escalation of inspections at airports, as we are scanned for adhesives that could be used in such attacks. No more nicotine patches, postage stamps, or post-its will be permitted aboard.

How can anyone really think early Christmas sales are worthy of activist attention? The UK Daily Mail reports that half of all English shoppers are already buying gifts for Dec. 25, and if they chose to do so, what's the problem?

If the terrorists really want to reduce waste, perhaps their glue would be much better employed on the doorknobs of Parliament.