Q&A: Joy Behar, cable news' newest host


You might think spending five hours a week taping the daily hen party that is The View would be enough to scratch anyone's itch to gab. Joy Behar wants more. Starting Tuesday at 9 p.m., the actress/comedian will be hosting her own one-hour nightly talk show on HLN, the CNN sister channel formerly known as Headline News. (HLN is owned by Time Warner (TWX), which is also the corporate parent of DailyFinance.)

Behar, who often finds herself articulating the liberal position during political discussions on The View, will bring those sympathies to prime time with her, along with a pop-cultural sensibility she hopes viewers will find refreshing. You also might pick up some useful tips: During our interview, Behar shared with me her secret for avoiding telemarketers: "I used to list my number under 'R. Bozo,' but they caught me so now I don't have it listed," she said. "If you put it under 'R. Bozo,' when a telemarketer calls and says 'Is Mrs. Bozo at home?' you know you can hang up."