Floozies and free flu shots for seniors at Orlando strip club


I dropped $25 at Walgreens on a flu shot last week, and wasn't amused for even a second. Sitting amid shelves of vitamins and adult incontinence products, I was unaware of other options until I read a story about seniors at Rachel's Gentlemen's Club near Orlando, Fla., who were receiving their shots free. I'll bet they never even noticed the needle go in.

According to WHTQ.com, the strip club has been doing great business with the senior set, especially at lunch time when they descend upon the complimentary lunch buffet. The club managers have been offering the free flu shots for six years, which are administered by a registered nurse in the club's VIP room.

The club also gives free shots to any resident of its host community of Casselberry, as well as all city workers. I imagine many a local male resident has pointed out to his wife how much money he could save by visiting Rachel's for a shot. I doubt many of those conversations have gone well, however.

If you hate the idea of visiting a doctor's office, perhaps a quickie (shot) at Rachel's would be less ... stressful. Just don't try to tuck a five-dollar bill in the waistband of the nurse's uniform.