Date Check iPhone app gives the dirt on potential date

Have you ever met someone and felt that special spark but you would rather know a little bit more about them before you went somewhere secluded? If so then the new Date Check iPhone app from Intelius will help you "Look up before you hook up" and make sure your bad decisions aren't horrible decisions.

The free app breaks down your instant background check into five areas making it much easier to avoid a bad date. Take note, when we say "bad date" we don't mean a dude who talks about his last girlfriend and his mom all night.

No, we're talking about avoiding someone who steals your $500 Prada handbag, $200 Coach wallet, keys to a Mercedes, $1,500 diamond bracelet, credit card and cell phone after a night at the bar.

If this unfortunate lady had the Date Check app she could have used the "Sleaze Detector" to find out if her companion had any previous criminal convictions and she could have been spared the pain of her lost possessions.

In addition to alerting you to past wrongdoings Date Check will also give you information about Net Worth, Compatibility, Interests and even Living Situation. Thanks to Date Check you'll know if your new found friend is lying about his MBA, vacation home in Miami and who he lives with before you get into an awkward situation his mom, wife or 2-year-old that didn't come up in conversation.

All you need to run a Date Check is a phone number, name or e-mail address and you can know more than you ever thought about the stranger sitting next to you.

While Date Check is free to download if you want to actually learn about the guy you're interested in you'll need to pay up.

  • $20 for Sleaze Detector
  • $15 for Net Worth
  • $10 for Interests and Living Situation
  • $1.95 for a simple People Search
  • $39.95 for the bundle
Also, before you go ditching a guy because your latest iPhone app told you some secrets you may want to make sure it wasn't a case of mistaken identity, especially since you're searching based on a name or phone number rather than something unique like a Social Security number.
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