Bathroom Sink, Optional?

Honey, splash some water in your face. You'll need it to calm yourself down. Oh, and did you know that a bathroom sink in some markets can be considered a luxury?!

No one ever told you how hard it would be to find a great apartment. Take it from New Yorker Atossa Movahedi ...
Movahedi's apartment was recently profiled in The New York Times. She did what most apartment hunters do: try a variety of apartment situations before finding one that worked best. First she lived with friends in crowded, tourist-heavy Times Square. Then she moved to the dorm-like Stuyvesant Town to a one-bedroom share with a roommate. Problem? She isn't the first or last roommate whose bedroom is actually the shared living room!

So you can appreciate her desire to have her own place. Problem is, there are always trade-offs. Some apartments are too noisy, some have outdated decor, and others don't include laundry facilities. Is the cheaper place really better? Is the more expensive place really better?

Her final decision in order to live on her own? A place without a bathroom sink.

Gah! With so many trade-offs you really need to know what you're willing to live without.

via The New York Times
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