Avoid Ending Up on A&E's "Hoarders"

Yes, we know you love Grandma's Fiestaware. It definitely has kitsch value and it's pretty cute. But now that you're too scared to eat off it because of the lead in the glazing, what to do with it ...

We've culled some great ideas for how to display anything from lunchboxes and snow globes, to glassware and vintage bowling balls.

But beware: collections run the risk of looking cluttery, so tread wisely. We don't want you ending up on that addictive A&E show "Hoarders,"although we will watch in horror.

Here are some tips to display that quirky collection, courtesy the SF Gate:

Look at your collection and find the theme that ties it together, like color. Choose a color for your walls that picks up tones in your collection. This unifies the room.

Keep in mind size proportions when it comes to your display method. Don't display your pieces in something that dwarfs the collection or is so busy and bright that it distracts from the collection itself.

Small pieces - like matchboxes - look nice when paired together in a single frame. Or group similar small items in glass jars or large canisters. Make it obvious that all the objects relate to one another.

If you collect items that come in many different sizes, create a level playing field. For example, you can display framed artwork of different sizes along the same level horizontally using floating shelves.

Your collection can create something new if placed together - stacked to form a small divider wall, or hung next to each other as wallpaper. Using everyday objects in unexpected ways can bring new interest to your collection. It also makes your apartment truly unique.

via SF Gate
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