Apartment Earth: Three No-VOC Paints to Color Your Walls

Want to personalize your apartment with paint? If possible, choose one that offers no volatile organic compounds or VOC's. VOCs are chemical pollutants frequently found in paint.

Here are three easy-breathing, no-VOC paint lines to consider...

Anna Sova Milk-Based Paints

This milk-based paint from Anna Sova contains no VOCs and has up to 90 percent food grade ingredients! These paints are a pricey indulgence. But worth it when you see Anna Sova's lovely mid-century modern colors.


Benjamin Moore's Natura line is zero-VOC. Natura exceeds the LEED requirements for paint and also qualifies for Green Guard certification. It dries to the touch in half an hour and can be re-coated in an hour, which saves you time.

Green Planet Paints

Paint produced by Green Planet Paints are made from mineral or clay pigments and plant chemistry. This takes natural paint to a whole new level. And they, too, contain no harmful VOCs.

On a strict budget? Consider painting with low-VOC paints. They're still better than conventional paint. Here's a great resource list of affordable low-VOC paints via TreeHugger.

Want more?

See what our friends at ShelterPop say on the issue in their piece "Eco-Paint: Fab or Fad?"

Or Browse other earth-friendly apartment tips at Apartment Earth.

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