What's Your Work Style?

Are you in a job that suits you? How about your work environment?

Is it one that allows you to shine for who you are and recognizes the unique contribution that only you can make? If you take your quest for job satisfaction seriously these are questions you might want to ask. Knowing a bit more about your "work type" can help you feel more at home in your current job. It's also useful if you are considering going back into that vast -- and sometimes scary -- place known as the "job market."

Take this quiz to help you determine your work type. It is designed at a very basic level to help you better know who you are. It's then up to you to leverage that knowledge to create a career that helps you thrive. The quiz will help you "think out of the box" as you consider your many options. Based on the well-known work of a mother-daughter team, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers, career counselors and others use quizzes like these "to help people make their perceptions clearer, their judgments sounder and their life closer to [their] heart's desire."