Add Drama to Your Dull Door

Add some drama where visitors will least expect it. Like the bathroom door. These new, translucent plexiglass room dividers can add a little grandeur to an otherwise boring spot. Make your closet your temple with this snappy, minaret-ish combo at left.

The door frames are made by the German design firm Eigengold and are attached with four easy-to-remove mounting plates. It will cost you 89€ (roughly $129 USD, plus shipping).

Or, you can create your own version. Here's how:

First, locate a prop shop or specialty cutting shops using your favorite search engine or telephone book. These folks work with Computer Numeric Control (CNC), a method of translating artwork onto other surfaces and cutting it using water jet or laser. Ask them what requirements are necessary to cut a custom shape piece of plexiglass.

Locate a friend who knows AutoCAD (or any similar drafting program or vector graphics program). Have them help you draw a design to scale. Output the file for the cutting shop.

Purchase a thin colored piece of plexiglass from any building supply store such as Lowes. Take your design file to the cutting shop. Adhere your door frame room divider using brackets. Now you have a completely unique design separating two spaces in your apartment.

via Freshome
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