Brown jumps into junk mail delivery: Clueless UPS


I'm steamed by the waste represented by the 90% of the mail in my mailbox that is advertising material, so when I see a UPS box waiting for me on my stoop, I'm pleased to know that it actually contains something I want. Sadly, this is about to change.

Over the next couple of weeks, UPS will test-market a program in which the men and women in brown will add a second box, full of advertisements, to each delivery in five markets; Washington, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Miami.

According to the New York Times, the"Direct to Door" service's box 'o crap will contain ads, coupons and samples from vendors such as, Pottery Barn and Men's Warehouse.

The test is intended to gauge the public's tolerance for more front-porch pollution. If the 250,000 piece test is successful, expect an avalanche of landfill-jamming waste to accompany your UPS deliveries. And yes, you will still be charged for those deliveries.

All too many companies start their decline by prostituting their brand. UPS has built its empire on dependability and speed, and most of us have come to welcome the arrival of the UPS delivery truck like a little Christmas to break up the day.

When I start filling up my recycling bin with un-asked for and unwanted advertising material dumped on me by Brown, that welcome will quickly turn to resentment.

Update: See a pic of the box 'o crap at Consumerist.

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