What's it like to get paid $25,000 to play in Orlando? Follow along and see


In the middle of one of the worst employment environments of their lifetimes, Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos landed the job of their dreams. They get paid to ride roller coasters.

The Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau hired the New York City pair to spend 67 days seeing and experiencing every ride, restaurant and spa they could squeeze into their days. For their $25,000 salary, they have to blog, photograph, and tweet every move in a marathon blitz of social media marketing. Post and Doornbos get work, while Orlando gets welcome publicity for its tourist attractions both famous and unknown.

The winners of the Orlando "dream job" are cheerful, energetic childhood friends originally from Holland, Michigan. He's a Broadway actor (he was in the final cast of Rent) and she works with kids. They love theme parks -- Kyle can tell you the designer who made any roller coaster, and the proper name for each twisting maneuver.

When they heard about Orlando's contest to find a team willing to move to Florida for more than two months to try everything, they jumped on the opportunity. Their one-minute audition video earned them a spot among 10 finalist teams, who all flew to Central Florida for a 67-hour "boot camp" trial run before they were finally crowned the winners. Now, they're on the job, seven days a week, with no days off.

We've been tracking the twosome since the contest was announced, and a few weeks ago, we interviewed them as they began their duties.

Now, the ultimate: WalletPop's Jason Cochran clocks in with the pair for an entire day as they hit SeaWorld Orlando. The experience was almost metaphysical: Jason documented the way Kyle and Stacey documented their own journey. Follow along to see what it's like to get paid to play.

Because it's a job, it comes with a bevy of paid expenses: two-bedroom condo, rental car, all tickets, and most meals among them. But it also comes with its drawbacks, including long hours and a never-ending pressure to document every twitch.

To see what Kyle and Stacey's own version of our day together at SeaWorld Orlando looked like, visit their blog or click here. You can also follow their "daily grind" and send requests to them on Twitter or Facebook.

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