The Weekly Wrap: FarmVille Rap, Mafia Wars Goes to Russia and Best Drawing Games


After playing your favorite games of the week, you're curious about what's new, different and coming soon. As you may have noticed, the's The Blog is now chock full of as-it-happens news that covers the games you care about here on, the newest trends in social games on networking services and letting you know where to find new gaming experiences on the web.

Mafia Wars Moscow: Exclusive First Look!

Without doubt, our biggest news of the week was our exclusive look at Mafia Wars: Moscow. The new expansion to Mafia Wars remains free when it released earlier today. Sadly, if you're not at least level 70 in the game, you won't be able to explore mother Russia.

Facebook Farming Game Gets a Good Rap

Tracking when a gaming phenom becomes a household name is never easier. True, sales or the amount of active players do indicate financial success. Yet, social games continue to evolve the meaning of popularity in so many ways. This week, the Zynga team (creators Mafia Wars, YoVille, etc.) were elated to see that a faux college boy band created a rap video inspired by their game, Farmville. It might not make them stars but it could get them booked for the Zynga holiday party).

Five Gateway Social Games and Why They're So Addicting

You've asked the question many a time, "Why can't I stop playing <insert game of choice>?"

So we boiled down five of the biggest (and most addictive) Facebook games to the reasons why players are so hooked. You might be surprised by what we found

Eight Easy Ways to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

As that chilly time of the year adds more darkness to our days, we wanted to celebrate the passing of summer and the coming of fall with eight games that will help you warm up. While our expectations were low for finding quality "Autumn" games, game creators proved us wrong with a host of possibilities.

Scribblenauts, Heads Up! Play the Best Drawing Games Online

Nintendo DS fans were falling over one another this week over the release of Scribblenauts, a game that you play by drawing or writing the names of a number of objects into existence. So if your character was trapped, you could draw a ladder to get him out. Of course, drawing games aren't new to casual game fans so we rounded up a bunch of games that you won't need to go to the store for.

Murder She Wrote Hidden Object Game Sneak Peek

Not ready to admit your love for Jessica Fletcher, the well-known detective from Murder She Wrote? Well a new game will let you tap into your inner sleuth as you seek clues in complex and busy pictures. While it might not feature the vocals of the TV series' Angela Lansbury, we'll get ready to play it on PC in October. Of course, the first screenshots from the game are just a click away.

Free Games With Micro-Transactions: Brave New World or Passing Fad?

Several years ago, the idea of paying more money to get ahead in a game was viewed by many as the path of the lazy. All that changed when the game that people are paying to get ahead in... is FREE. But is it a fad like Pet Rock or are free to play, pay to succeed games a glimpse of what's to come? Already, we've found the answer.