Pup Crawl This Saturday

Calling all animal lovers.... you may have participated in a pub crawl or two... but a pup crawl?

Yes, the Pup Crawl is a first-ever event happening this weekend in New York. Volunteers will walk dogs across the Brooklyn Bridge to raise donations for, and awareness about, the increased numbers of animals abandoned due rising foreclosures around the country. Some can no longer afford their pet while others struggle to find an apartment or rental home that accepts pets.

As of yesterday 100 people registered to participate.

Over 1 million pets will be placed for adoption this year due to foreclosure, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The idea for the Pup Crawl came to animal lover Joseph Hassan as he walked across the bridge. He enlisted the help of friends to organize the event. Soon, he was able to secure donations ranging from pet food to free dog leashes.

Local groomers, shelters and canine owners have also stepped in with in-kind donations. So far, over $1,000 has been donated that will be funneled to animal shelters in New York, Florida and Los Angeles. There will also be animals to adopt at the event.

For those not in New York City, Mr. Hassan suggests reaching out to local animal shelters.

via The Wall Street Journal
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