Billy Joel's Upside-Down Beach House

Who wants Billy Joel as a housemate? Recently single, he'd probably hit on all your friends. (He's divorcing from his third wife, Katie Lee, now that she's old enough to drive pay her own rent.)

If Billy Joel is unlucky in love, he sure is lucky in real estate. He's selling not one but two beach homes in swanky Sagaponak, New York. The houses are next door to each other - great if you want to live in one and have the other one for the live-in nurse.

You'll need that nurse once you hear that the Piano Man paid a total of $30M for the pair... in cash.

Let's have a look...

The first, an ocean-side cottage, is the smaller of the two. It's got three bedrooms, two baths, and sits on 1.2 acres of beachfront. It's pimped out with white walls, floors, and ceiling like any respectable beach house. The furnishings take center stage, including a gold velour sofa.

I agree with Real Estalker who writes,

We are well aware that air conditioning isn't often needed when you live this close to the ocean, but hunnies, just imagine trying to get comfortable on that spongy, gold velvet thing after a dip in the roiling waters of the Atlantic, with sand in your suit, on a sweltering and humid summer afternoon afternoon. Oh, hell no.

No central A/C? If you want that, you'll have to upgrade to the house next door.

Billy and Katie's main residence at the beach is a lot larger: nearly 6,000 square feet with four bedrooms and six bathrooms. (Never understood the appeal of a home with so many bathrooms. Do you want a home, or just need a place to show off your collection of ceramic thrones?)

This home was previously owned by deceased actor Roy Scheider, who may or may not have acquired the beachfront home after his performance in Jaws.

When you think "upside down house" it usually means you owe more than it's worth. Not so here.

The floorplan of Billy Joel's beach house is somewhat unusual because the private areas and bedrooms are on the first floor while the public rooms and kitchen are upstairs. That doesn't make sense... or does it? You'd probably want to bring your guests up to the highest vantage point possible to ooh and ahh over the stretch of private beach below.

via Real Estalker
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