Eight Zombie Games Offer Up Good Brain Munchies

The undead never go out of style and gamers, who tend to love B-movie plots, not-so-realistic blood and corny dialog can't get enough of the dumber-than-thou mentality of zombies. With the upcoming movie Zombieland, interest in zombies has never been higher. So turn down the lights, grab a glass of blood red Kool-Aid and sink your brains into online gaming's best zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies

Just the name sounds crazy. How would Plants fare against brain nibbling undead types? Quite well actually. Playing on the plant side, you place peashooters, zombie eating plants and cherry bombs in strategic places to mince your formerly living foes. More weaponized flora and fauna is purchased with sunlight, which shows up from sunflowers and mushrooms you plant and at random times on sunny levels. Corny, yes. Addictive, yes, Should you try it? Definitely.

Download the PC version here >>

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Boxhead is a classic shooting zombie game that you play from a bird's eye view. Sticking to simple controls, just use the arrow keys to point, space bar to shoot and use the Z or X buttons to choose a weapon. Starting off with a pistol is fun but as hordes of zombies, devils, runners, mummies and the batty Vampirettes gain on you, inventory like a shotgun, a minigun, grenades, rockets and turrets make your zombie killing tasks a bit easier (although the ammo is limited). In a worse case scenario, you can still call in an air strike to wipe the slate clean. Just make sure your spacebar is in good working condition, Boxhead will truly put your thumbs to the test.