WalletPop is now available for free at the iTunes Store!

You like us! You really like us! The demand for our videos and podcasts has been so strong that we've decided to make them available to you anytime, anyplace. Starting now, you can find many of our productions for free through Apple's iTunes Store.

You'll find some of our greatest video podcast hits there, downloadable to your computer or your iPod or video mobile device. You can even subscribe to our videos and podcasts so you'll receive them to enjoy in the car, at the gym, while you stand in line at the supermarket checkout, or preferably, while you read our daily blog.

We divide our segments into four iTunes Store channels so that it's easier for you to find your favorite episodes.
  • For Big News, where the hot issues of the day are discussed with a WalletPop point of view, click here
  • For Go for Less, which helps you see and do stuff around the world without blowing a fortune, click here
  • Our AfterShark video series, in which we get to know the players behind each week's episode of Shark Tank on ABC, click here
  • And for audio podcasts we've done on BlogTalkRadio (include some audio-only episodes from the Big News and Go for Less categories), click here
Or, if you want to be on top of everything we do, just open up your iTunes Store and search for WalletPop, or whichever of our channels you want to check out. Then hit the little gray "subscribe" button to receive our video podcasts automatically as soon as they appear on iTunes.

If you don't have iTunes, which contains the means to reach the iTunes Store, you can download it for free from Apple over at the website at this link.

What have you been missing? How about a round-table discussion of why people are so terrified of health care reform (that's in Big News)? A Go for Less exploration of how to see London affordablyy? An AfterShark sit-down with two of the most vicious self-made millionaires on Shark Tank, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec? And "Your Job Will Come," our series of podcasts designed to help you get work fast.

We'll keep updating the iTunes Store whenever we have new productions to add. Keep on clicking. And thanks!
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