Move over Dunkin' D's! There's a Kolache Mama in town

Sweet challah rolls stuffed with something sweet or savory? Deeeee-lish! That's the concept behind the popular Czech pastry, the kolache. You may soon get the opportunity to sample one in a Kolache Mama opening soon near you.

The new kolache franchise, with stores that look like a Hello Kitty version of Dunkin' Donuts, is rolling out nationwide, starting with three stores in Manhattan. With a cute name and diverse menu (an entire Veggie Mama menue so vegetarians have plenty of options) and a right price point -- $3.99 for one, 2 for $5 -- there's high hopes for Kolache Mama for a successful launch in this recession.

The yummy rolls of goodness are already popular in states with large Czech populations: Texas, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. If you like bagels and doughnuts and plenty of fillings, then you have a new food obsession.

Kolache Mamas will be popping up in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Chicago over the next four years. If you can't wait that long, stop by New York's Midtown for the first store opening on Sept. 30 for your own bun of fun. (Yes, I said it!)
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